For East Copenhagen Jewellery, sustainability and responsible production have been a natural part of our DNA right from the start. We strive to create timeless jewellery, in a high artisanal quality, to the delight of both customers and the environment for many years to come. We therefore work together with a number of producers in Vietnam who have the same attitude and values ​​as us. Our producers are certified members of SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade) and meet environmental requirements for production in addition to having good, orderly working conditions for the employees.

Our current sustainability efforts span these areas:

Materials: We have strict requirements for our suppliers and only enter into long-term collaborations with trusted manufacturers who guarantee ethical sources for our materials, including silver, gold, diamonds and pearls.

Staff: We work with a number of Vietnamese producers, all of whom are certified members of SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade, ed.). It ensures that employees have decent working conditions, that minimum wages are guaranteed and that all overtime is paid. Employees are entitled to leave in connection with, for example, pregnancy, childbirth, illness and health check-ups. In addition, employees receive training both in Vietnam and abroad.

Resources: In our production, we reuse basic materials where possible. Our producers thus use gold and sterling silver that is 100% recycled.

Sustainability: We recommend our customers to use sustainably produced lab diamonds. Lab diamonds are physically, visually and chemically identical to mined diamonds but guaranteed conflict-free.

Transport: Our main carrier aims to achieve carbon neutral operation by 2040. This is done through investment in three key areas: Electrification of vehicles, use of sustainable energy and carbon sequestration.

IT: Our main IT supplier works actively to reduce C02 emissions via energy efficiency, as well as the purchase of environmentally friendly electricity from Nordic wind and hydropower plants (RESC certified).

Packaging: All our packaging is ECO-friendly and comes from responsible sources, including FSC®-certified, responsible forestry.

Organisation: We have organized our organization as optimally and minimally as possible and use, among other things, a wide range of digital tools with the least possible resource consumption of e.g. paper.

Responsibility: East Copenhagen Jewelery represents and produces jewelery for several brands at home and abroad, which gives us greater negotiating power in relation to our partners. We strive to use this position as best as possible to influence the behavior of our business partners in accordance with the 17 UN goals* for a more responsible and sustainable future.



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